RD-Fremont Cfg2 Platform


RD (Reference Design) is a collection of resources to provide a representative view of typical compute subsystems that can be designed and implemented using specific generations of Arm IP. RD-Fremont Cfg2 platform is a quad chip variant of the RD-Fremont platform.

RD-Fremont Cfg2 is a quad-chip platform in which four identical chips are connected through high speed CCG link. The CCG link is enabled through CMN-Cyprus Coherent Multichip Link (CML) feature. The RD-Fremont Cfg2 platform in particular has the following hardware configuration on each chip.

  • 4x32XMP1 Neoverse Poseidon-V cores with Direct Connect and 2MB of dedicated, private L2 cache for each core.

  • CMN-Cyprus interconnect with 7x6 mesh network.

  • Multiple AXI expansion ports for I/O Coherent PCIe, Ethernet, offload

  • Arm Cortex-M55 processor for Runtime Security Engine (RSE) to support Hardware Enforced Security (HES)

  • Arm Cortex-M7 for System Control Processor (SCP) and Manageability Control Processor (MCP)

  • Arm Cortex-M55 processor for Local Control Processor (LCP) for local power management of each Application Processor (AP)

The Fixed Virtual Platform of RD-Fremont Cfg2 config supports quad chip with 4xMP1 Neoverse Poseidon-V CPUs per chip.

The components integrated into this stack are described in Software Stack section.

Platform Specific Details

The following documents provide specific details applicable for RD-Fremont Cfg2 Platform:

Supported Features

RD-Fremont Cfg2 platform software stack supports the following features.

Follow the links above for detailed information about the build and execute steps for each of the supported features.

Obtaining FVP

The latest version of the RD-Fremont Cfg2 fixed virtual platform (FVP) can be downloaded from the Arm Ecosystem FVPs page. On this page,

  • Navigate to “Neoverse Infrastructure FVPs” section.

  • Click on “Neoverse Fremont Reference Design FVP” link to obtain the list of available Neoverse RD-Fremont Reference Design FVPs.

  • Select a FVP build under the section “Download RD-Fremont” based on the host machine architecture.

    • For AArch64 host machine, click “Download Linux - Arm Host (DEV)” link.

    • For x86-64 host machine, click “Download Linux” link.

The RD-Fremont Cfg2 FVP executable is included in the downloaded installer and named as “FVP_RD_Fremont_Cfg2”. Follow the instructions of the installer and setup the FVP. The installer, by default, selects the home directory to install the FVP. To opt for different directory than the one selected by the installer, provide an absolute path to that directory when prompted for during the FVP installation process.

Release Tags

Table below lists the release tags for the RD-Fremont Cfg2 platform software stack and the corresponding RD-Fremont Cfg2 FVP version that is recommended to be used along with the listed release tag. The summary of the changes introduced and tests validated in each release is listed in the release note, the link to which is in the ‘Release Tag’ column in the table below.

Release Tag

RD-Fremont Cfg2 FVP Version