Release Description

– Release introduces changes to the following platforms

– Changes introduced in this release

  • Introduce support for RD-Fremont-Cfg2 (quad-chip) platform

  • Introduce beta support for RME

  • Introduce beta support for Measured Boot in TF-M and TF-A

  • Enable BL1->BL2 based boot flow

  • Add support for NI-Tower in TF-M

  • Add support for HN-S Isolation feature in CMN-Cyprus driver

  • Add support for Bypass Discovery feature in CMN-Cyprus driver

Known Limitations

  • System TCU+TBU is not present in the 11.22.16 version of the FVP. So GPC with System TCU+TBU is not enabled in the software.

Test Coverage

The following tests have been completed using 11.22.16 version of the FVP:

  • RD-Fremont

    • Busybox boot, distro boot, buildroot boot.

  • RD-Fremont-Cfg1

    • Busybox boot, distro boot, buildroot boot.

  • RD-Fremont-Cfg2

    • Busybox boot, buildroot boot.

Source Repositories

The following source repositories have been integrated together in this release. The associated tag or the hash in each of these repositories is listed as well.